Help me to forget...

4:31 PM

Well I was trying for 7 months to conceive. Until now still have no news. In fact today, I had my period. It makes me stressed when I keep thinking about it. So I better stop now!!! Stop thinking and searching. What should I do is just praying and wait. But still... I need to do something to avoid me keep thinking about pregnancy.
Last night, I’m browsing and found one site that helps us to lost weight for free. They help us to set our goals and try to archive it. Helped us to count our food, and what kind of exercise we need to do to lost weight. This might be my chance to forget about pregnancy!!! I’ll keep my self busy losing weight. (Still to conceive u has to lost weight) So in this way maybe I can do 2 in 1 thing. Lost weight and getting pregnant!!! We never know?? Maybe right now, I’m to fat that is why I cannot conceive!!! Better I try first before seeing any gyne. I am afraid if I see gyne, the first thing u need to do is losing weight!!
Mrs Magique

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