Bie & Diet

12:17 AM

I just feel I miss Bie so much today... Why? He came back at 6pm today from work & leaved to his photography work with dad till now ( 12.23 am now). Me? I'm all alone, feel like loser.. still went to work eventhough today is Saturday... While waiting for him I'm doing nuthing, nuthing at all... (Ya ampun malas betul aku ni...)

I do browse something today... I still trying hard to lose my weight, but selera gue besar bangat... So I been thinking some other way... Search for gastric bypass which I don't think I dare to do it.

Then I found one website for kurus, selling our Malaysian herbs product called JUS DIET MATE 5 .If people can trust this product I think I should try... Its much more cheaper than HERBALIFE. Still thinking about it... Most people will suggest just watch out what you eating, drinking lots of water and exercise...

With tone of office work nowdays I dont have a proper meal time & exercise ( I belive its an excuse.. screw me!!!) the big word will be MALAS ... ( itu yg betul )
Apa ek korang pikir? any idea?

Oh ya.. pasal Bie... sebab only two of us.. kalau jumpa selalu bertekak... nih bila dia takda I do feel miss him a lot... ( cait terasa baru bercinta pulak ahaks!!! ) Still waiting for him...

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