Saya bukan budak TESL!

9:26 PM

woSometimes before you give your opinion , please be in our shoes first... Please learn it carefully, listen from whom facing it... before you ever give your opinion. Don't just say " my previous place ah...." aiyooo you work for Malaysia la last time....

My simple question pun nak jawab mcm soalan rasmi, macam nak jawab exam... Hey you! My pay is not for those taking TESL or Master in English! So just answer it straight forward cannot meh?

I don't understand, then I question... Is it wrong? Aiyaaaa Then when you misinterpreted , you get angry and you answer like text book! Some more your answer did not answer my question at all!

If you want a bombastic English then send me for English Education la!

Dr kata tadi, kalau stress kena lepaskan, kena luahkan... Jangan simpan, nanti boleh gila. Jadi inila akan jadi... Berbloggin melepaskan buku di dada!

Pernah ke ada orang gila sebab stress kerja? Herm...

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