10:57 PM

Ades... I miss my blog walking, I miss to write, I miss to be silent reader, I miss my online window shopping... I'm so busy, and life so hectic. 

1. My class has started, assigments pilled up but no action taken yet plus Internet kat umah yang sucks. (ok anyone yang nak tolong buatkan assigment?)
2. Works like crazy.. 12 hours a day... ( ko mampu? kaya idok jugak!)
3.Cousins wedding and me being the pengapit yang menyempitkan pelamin (tengokla badan makcik ni... tak penuh pelamin? haih).
4. Diet yang ke laut ( I can't even cut my own nails...camno tu?)
5.House core yang I don't know where to start and when to begin... 
6. I missed hang out with my friends and families but how I wish times dont flies this fast!
7. One thing for sure... my sis dah deliver... welcome to world my darling Daniel...

OMG the list is getting longer.. better stop now, Mr.H kat bawah dah. Owh.. poor hubby too! Less attention from me. I really hope you understand sayang. Till death do us part.

Hello World ... My name is Daniel

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