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It is known that anyone will go crazy when we hear the word sale as we know that we can save a few bucks while shopping our favourite items Tell me who doesn’t like shopping especially  during SALES? Masya Allah, at the moment if we able to but only RM 10 shoes, we already feel happy. Tell me about that!

Unfortunately, we just forgot what we already have in our wardrobe. After shopping, went home, , looked at the wardrobe  and
 “ Alamak, baju yang dibeli masa last SALES aritu masih belum pakai la “
 “ All right, where should I hang all these? My wardrobe is full”
 “Hey I already have that colour”

At that moment … of course we fell regret and how we wish if we don’t  shop at the first place right? Just for the sake of SALES, we immediately grab without think twice!

Yes, understand that shopping is a women’s way to release stress and reward ourselves but avoid wasting money on unnecessary items which you will probably not wear or use. If you are on a tight budget and prefer to limit your spending, these shopping sales tips will be quite handy to help save money.

 1.    Check your Wardrobe

It is important to check your wardrobe before participating in any sales event. This is to avoid purchasing the same looking items twice. Buy something you do not already have or pick something nice to match with what you already own. You will definitely feel your money’s worth.

2.    Do not shop on the first day
It is true that you may miss out a lot when you do not shop on the first day of sales but if you are someone who wants to avoid spending much, this trick is beneficial. This is because some interesting items may be sold out or does not have your size. You will cut down your spending and look for something else which are still available.

3.    Filter
You tend to scoop everything you see during sales to avoid others getting their hand on it. However, you need to go aside before you make your payment to filter out items which you may find not needed. Sometimes you need to think twice in order to avoid feeling regretful with what you choose.

4.    Do not use credit card
This tip is great for those who want to stick with their budget. Set in a mind the amount you want and pay it with cash or debit card. Avoid using credit cards at all cost as it may bring your burden when the bill statement comes in.


I do hope these shopping sales tips able to help all my girls out there. Shopping wisely girls.

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