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I dont know why certain company just cannot tolerate in the good sense. Why must they tolerate with

1.the one that always come late to work
2.skip work inthe middle of working hour
3.suddenly missing without any notice and than come back to work after a week
4.after a long holiday, still not coming back to work...
5.after holiday just come for 2 days and then MC.

I know , you guys must be thinking what company was that. Well... I will never write if its never happend to me. IT HAPPEND!!! Well I've been working for so long , not with this company but with others, but I never experience all of this kind of stupid problem.

Working at the front desk make me dont understand , why my working hour not the same as the people who work in the office? I know we have worker law or so what ever.. still... Why they ( the office people ) got the half day and not us? What is the different? I do admid I've a lot of MC for the previous year. But I do have a reason for that. I'm so tired for only getting one day off perweek. So when never I got my PMS I'll make that as a reason. So sorry.. but its true.. If that MC can make me rest, do my housework orpampered myself... why not. Further more I'm sick. The only one day off their gave to me is the only they I can spent with my husband or family. So I dont have any other time for my self.

I do fill leave form to inform them I'm not coming for 2 month, so that they can prepare people to replace me. Some more it is unpaid leave and it is family matter. They seems dont understand that. Cannot tolarate and not paying my salary for the prevoius month. Why they dont have any mercy at all. Why dont they try to understand the situation.They can understand somebody else who missing in action (not coming to work without any information to the superior ) but not the one who tell or inform them earlier.

I just dont have anybody to turn to. Even I speak to my managar about this but what to do she also makan gaji!!! She is the one that understand, but she is not the one that make the decision. Sometimes I just try to make a distance from her. I dont want people assume just because we are best buddy so I take advantage from her.Working with the small company make everybody stereotype. Everybody just like to assume without clarifiying...

I rest my case now!!!


Mrs Magique

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