My past 2007

8:35 AM

I want to write in Malay, but I think I have to practice my English writting to make me speak and write better. So guys if anything wrong with my grammar, free to correct me.

Last year was the first year I called as " wifey ".It was great to have addtional mother, dad and siblings. Though it was a big responsibilities for both of us (me and B) but we still take it. We also had our honeymoon 5 month after married at Redang Island. I was the best island I ever been in Malaysia.And the moment I'm writting this, my fren "Rambo" who went to Redang with us for honeymoon already got 3days baby girl. Awesome huh!!!

Erks... baby? Us? Still trying to conceive. Every month I and Bie still trying and hoping for the news. My grandma act as so cool gradma. " Takpalah belum sampai rezeki lagi" My mom was the one that being so sarcastic. " Pergila cek doktor tu " or else " Itulah kamu gemuk sangat, jangan makan banyak sangat ! " Get me? Talking about baby with my mom will bring us to argument. (at this moment aku dah kira melawan dia, berdosa dah aku nih )

Commitment? after married.. a lot.. Before this , eventhough I'm working, still need my parents help. But now, I really need to depend on myself and hubby. That was the toughest for begining. Until now I still try to adapt with my new situation. People would probably said " You have husband dear..." Still...

Not only that , last year also I start new job at Kizsports & Gym. It is a good place to start my 2007 because I worked among the kids. That is why now people said I look like 23, LOL . (perasan gila kan )What can I tell u about this worked. I just get knowledge about how important early learning for baby, how important for parents to spent time with their kids. All this seems be ignoring by most Malaysian people.

That seems all it. Boring ek...


Mrs Magique

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