Again lost hope...

2:09 AM

On 31st April again my monthly period came. Punah harapan. This time the pain teruk jugak. Went to see gynea at Ampang. Normally I just went to see normal doctor. Their review all the same and end up with ponstan. But this one was different.

" U cannot have ponstan because it would make your blood more thick. What can I see from you might be u have endrometrosis( I know I spell it wrongly)which is the old chocolate cyst has been accumulate around your ovary. Your wall also might be think and bla bla bla"

The rest I cant even remember. But what ever she describe seems right to me. She also inform this reason also that make me not.... She just want me to go back after 10 days to scan before confirming everything. If what she diagnosis correct I might to take hormone pill to make my period regular. Then... I don't want know what happen next, just count my day to see her again.

Well my other half advise me not to go, the other half just say go and check yourself. I'm totally confused. I heard when we taking the hormone pills we might put on weight ( which I don't want because I already overweight) and the chance for getting pregnant only around 30%.Its confusing now...


Mrs Magique

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