Rude Malaysian

10:00 AM

When Ac Mizal (show AC Disini) tear Readers Digest just because Malaysian is No 4 (if I'm not mistaken )rude country in the world I guess he was right.I work in customer service industry, so I know my manner... Just maybe I thought I apply good cust service,so everybody in Malaysia should be the same?

I totally wrong because it happen to my brother in-law and in front of me. No wonder he keep saying Malaysian don't know to say thank you.I just ignore him at that moment but not yesterday.

First we went to Malaysia Airlines ticketing counter at KL Sentral.He need to change his flight ticket because today he still need something to settle in Jabatan Agama Islam. The MAS ticket girl attend him with sour face and when everything settle not even say thank you !!!! The second was at money changer CURVE, they just take the money, give receipt and change the money without say anything! Everything happen in silence.Only my BIL that say thank you.Are they choose their customer? I think yes...

That moment I feel so embarrassed as Malaysia & I just think what Readers Digest wrote is RIGHT! Maybe not all like that, but thanks to them we are in no 4 list rude country in the world.


Mrs Magique

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