My Sister Wedding

3:29 PM

Well.. it has been two weeks since the wedding.Its a tiring week even today penat dia masih tak hilang lagi. For me the wedding was small but memorable. Few mistakes masa my wedding we try to make it up on my sis wedding, but nothing perfect huh?

1st thing videography... Masa my wedding takda, so I approach Abah & my sis about this idea.At first they think its unnecessary, only phography will be enough.I keep assist for it, so they agreed for it, & today my sis only bring DVD of her wedding not the photo album becos album berat nak bawak gi Korea. I dont say photography not important, both are equally same!

What else...Canopy deco! Its nite & small wedding. For my beloved sis asalkan semua org dpt makan its enough-so meja panjang only alas putih dah ok. So aku ni, asyik je la dengan idea kerusi berbalut, round table with double cover -candle & fresh flower on top. I want it to be pretty & romantic night for everybody.Nasib baik Angah kata "up to you sis, u've to sponsor it if you want!" and abah pulak dah malas nak layan aku iyakan juga my idea. Alhamdulillah it's done like what I plan. Abah smile jek when I ask his opinion abt canopy deco that nigth.I know he's happy.

Memula cuak juga, sebab ingat wedding for 500 ppl such a small wedding, sebab tuh my idea was round table sebab tak nak nampak wedding canopy empty.Rerupanya it's dinner time 8pm to 10pm, so every guest come mostly serentak. I siap pergi kat mak "Mak ni jemput 500 ppl or more? " mak jadi takut gak memula... Nasib baik door gift & food cukup.LOL.

Penat juga jadi kakak pengantin & wedding planner.I've to make sure evrything is enough for evrybody. I even dont have enough photo with bride & groom. Satu jek kalau tak silap & family photo. Not even with my beloved husband. Both of us busy with our task.

At first berangan nak gi salon buat rambut & make-up.Forget it.. I just ready by 8.30 pm, after 15 minutes, I've sweating becos so busy to make sure the wedding was perfect & evrything is done. Even nak tangkap gambar dengan sepupu sendiri tak da masa. Imagine that?!!!

My dad buat surprise for the wedding, jemput bebudak qasidah.. apa ek nama diorang? tak ingat ler. They rocks!!! If i'm not busy aku dah duduk depan diorang tengok & dengar they berqasidah. Sayang audio system was bad! abah nyesal amik org tu, ingat nak tolong org kampung sendiri, but... takpala dah lepas dahkan...

Pasal door gift tu memag last minute, memula I alrdy give this idea paper bag insude with muffin with pink reben on top.The bride insist for chocolate! Bukan takm bg cokelat, but our house enviroment tak sesuai nak bagi cokelat.At last 3 weeks befor wedding she agreed with it! Gelabah gak nak cari paper bag & muffin.Nasib baik all guest like the muffin.

Cake cutting event tu pun being reject by miss bride! She said such a waste, lagi sekali tugas wedding planner tak bertauliah nih memujuk. Nasib baik the cake turn so beutifully & sedap. I really like my cake choice!!! LOL perasan kan aku ni.

Alhamdulillah, even its such a small wedding but it memorable for evrybody. Thanks to all my auntie & uncle & cousin whose there for the wedding. Thanks to my dear friend whose coming.Thanks to me kan sis? LOL!!!!

P/S: more pic


Mrs Magique

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