Happy Belated Birthday to Me!!

11:40 PM

Yesterday was my 27th birthday. My sister was the 1st one that wish and sang a birthday song for me at mamak stall (because we went out that 27th night). There is also some of my best friend that does still remember my birthday. (Zach you the 1st one girl, Thank you so much) Thanks to all. No words can describe how thankful I’m for having such a family and friends.My grandma and mom share to give me a blender. (It was not a wedding it’s my BIRTHDAY!!!) Sebenarnya, I selalu pinjam their blender. ** laughing** That is why I get one from them I think.

As for today, I got a birthday card my office colleague. It was simple but nice. When I reached home, my sis and dad had given me a Stella perfume. (My perfume is going to finish, and I really need it sis. Thank you so much!!!) I never thought they would give me the present.
What I wish for my 27th birthday? I just wish to have a healthy & better life, loving husband, caring family, and wonderful friend. (wish cepat kaya boleh ke?).

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