She got her prezzie!!!

1:25 PM

Nama dia Fauziah a.k.a Gee my buddy masa kat HSBC, now she working with Air Asia which is good for her... Si cantik ni masuk 26 yeras on March . Kenapa aku cuma bagi present dia bulan ni? Ini semua kerana we don't have time much time to spent with each other. Masing-masing sibuk dengan tugas & hal masin-masing. Aku dengan Gee sering ada same problem masa kat HSBC , that's why I think both of us 'ngam' with each other because we share lots of thing together. For me Gee seorang yang tak pentingkan diri, terlalu sayangkan org lain sampai lupa pasal diri sendiri. Gee, thanks for being there for me, thanks for being my true friend & thanks for everything, cuma lain kali kalau kita kuar lelaki duk umah ek....??? hehehe. Babe, please take care yourself, love you so much!!!
Dear Gee , I do hope you love the presie.

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