Jeans and White

9:46 PM

It has been a week since our white and jeans dinner. For me the dinner was successful. Well it can be consider as a potluck too since we bring our food.

Ø ME: Should bring carbonated drink (but totally forgot) and ice cream. Also not in the food list Kaiser Roll. Faizal love it! Thanks. It goes to the ice cream.
Ø Zach: Main course of course. Salad, Whipped potato, grilled chicken (the chicken so tender and delicious)
Ø Rozel: Fruit drink (suka ar air apple tuh), and cup cakes with our dinner theme picture white and jeans (even though it look like school student who cares)

Oh ya... I brought 2 bottle of bubble for Aresya. She seems to enjoy it. “Auntie… Bubble...” So cute huh… Aresya love posing. Every time the camera on she knows how to give the best for the pic!!! To Zach, I think mommy kena lebih lady like ni. Hehehehhe. Knowing Zach, I don’t know where did Aresya inherit this posing and lady like habit. But Zach, I think that was great for Aresya and Mommy.

I wish for our other gathering. But this time girl we do outdoor one k!!! Erm.. How bout the NEMO theme? Still on? *laughing*


Mrs Magique

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