What a Pain...

11:32 PM

Since I got married, my period pain getting worse... This month lagi teruk, sakit pinggang yang amat, but no bleeding. My office mate semua ingat I pregnant. Because usually on the first day dah ada blood.Herm... after 6 month getting married, dengar berita nak pregnant tuh suka sangat lah... tapi still have but.. dalam hati takut ada penyakit lain since I can be categorized as a big fat lady. Puas berdoa... berharap I'm pregnant 20 percent the 80 percent just hoping it's going to be normal and not a bad sign diseases. This time siap tanya kawan-kawan about medical insurance la, what is good, what is cover everything for woman sickness, any insurance that cover pregnancy... (plz inform me if any insurance have this ) Dah takut baru nak tanya kan. Padan muka aku. A

da siap suruh urine test. ME??? I phobiamatic of DOCTOR. Specially dentist. I think because I afraid if the doctor tell me " Mam, sorry to tell you that u have a....." Mintak2 di jauhkan .INSYA-ALLAH. Nasib baik the 3rd day my period normal. Alhamdulillah.Cuma sakit tuh rasa lain macam, usually my pain only takes 1 to 2 days. Tapi nih dah 3 hari. Tuhan je tau sakitnya macam nak buang air jek. I hope the pain would be away soon...


Mrs Magique

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