3:12 PM

Yesterday, I accompanied my mom to hospital. I also went to seeing the doctor. To asked them about my PMS. I explain to him from A to Z.

Doctor :First think come in my mind you are married, right?
Me :Yup Doc,
Doctor :So its only two cases, either u have unbalance hormone or pregnancies. No need to worried, its normal for married woman. Just wait after one month, see what happen, if it’s still the same thing, come and do the detail check-up. (Since I’m still in theCycle)
Me :Thank to God, I’ so worried about it. Thanks Doc.

Alhamdulillah… my sis asked me to take evening primrose pill. It’s good for woman who have PMS problem. But I think I just want a wait and see first what will happen to my PMS next month. Just wait…


Mrs Magique

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