Happy 27th Birthday Sayang....

3:42 PM

I wish you will read this Bie…

ii. SORRY if no present with a bow or birthday card or candle light dinner for your birthday this year. (you know Dear that I’m totally broke this month) But I do hope u like the MCD Spicy Chicken Mcdeluxe dinner
iii. I do hope, I can manage to give you present by next month
iv. Bie, since I love u so much, u can choose your birthday present. Either your Nike futsal boot, or you want the Vespa to be done?
v. Lastly, I love you so much, I will always be beside of you in sadness or joy, jangan marah2 selalu, and I like you put on the weight!!! Oh ya, can I make a wish too? I wish, u don’t ask me to be in M or S size. But I will try my best dear… this is all because I do love you so much. Thanks for being such a lovely husband to me. I do appreciate it with all my heart. Nothing can I buy or describe how much I deeply in love with you Bie. Once again “ Happy Birthday Dear”


Mrs Magique

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