Will there be 3 of us when I reach 30?

8:33 PM

Yesterday morning before I went to work, I watched Oprah Show. The topic was 'Are you get what you want when you reach 30?'. Well there are few woman that make an appearance, but there was one that quite interesting for me. She can't get PREGNANT!!! The doctor said her ovary cannot produce any ovum or what so ever. So she had to injecting with hormone. Well she has everyhting that a family want. She and her husband prepared everything to start a family. A big house with many rooms. That the room should be for the kids. Sadly it is empty. A MPV that can carry kids, but she drive it alone. Further more she is a teacher. Love kids. Why am I writting about this?
> I'm 27
> married for 7 months
> still no news for me and dear
For first 3 month after married, I just relax. Not thinking about this much. But when my friend that married later than me get pregant, I get worried. I do count my circle.I'm reading website, books and magazine; how to get pregnant. When people asked, I just give them my sweetest smile. Well I was thinking seeing a doctor. But some of my friend said it's to early. Wait until 2 years. Well after 2 years, if I still nothing after seeing doctor , what will I do next? Then I'll reached 30 and then I will be the same like the women at the Oprah Show?
Mrs Magique

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