What a busy week...

8:42 PM

Today actually I want a grab Carl's Junior Burger for lunch. They just open today at One Utama. Tapi teringatkan dear yang hanya bawa bekal for lunch and me nak makan burger.... So I lupakan niat nak makan burger baru. Rather makan ngan dear.. so we could taste it together at the 1st time nanti.
Cut off about my boring lunch time. Oh dear... this few weeks was the busiest week in my working life. I'm working mostly 70++ hours last week. Poor Dear, kena duduk umah sorang-sorang, watching tv alone. nobody companied him this few night.I know he understands.
Why? Well, Kizsports have open new outlet at GE Mall. So all the manager busy going there, helping the newbie. So here at 1U we short of staff. Kak Haida sick!!! Kecian dia. Why? I still don't know why. She is admitted to HUKM. What i heard was bronchitis. I hope she will get well soon. Auntie Ling have no off days this two weeks. Pity her. Lagi penat than me. She has to go to GE Mall. I hope by next week everything will settle down. I can have my Thursday off with hubby again. Auntie Ling can replace her two weeks off day. Kak Haida get well and coming back to work.
Oh ya, I'm not complaining taht I'm working extra hour. Since I love kids and they will pay my OT. why not right? Lagi pun next month banyak benda yang nak kena buat and beli. Let me list it down;
1) i owe my dad, my little brother , and my lovely husband their birthday gift
2) need to service the car, scooter and vespa
3) want to go to IKEA, to buy curtain. IKEA SALE!!! (Zach, we go together next month)
That sound a lot huh?
Mrs Magique

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