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Frankly speaking past this 27 years, I never give any fund to Abah. Raya or not. I do sound like bad daughter right now huh? I think ton that moment, something just bear in mind which is " It's ok, Abah still working". And today I just cr edit some fund for him and I feel like crying. It is my 1st fund for Abah and I proud of it.( kelaka puji diri sendiri kan!)I know down deep in Abah heart he proud of me too! LOL.

As for today, Abah no longer working, he said its time for him to rest. He tired working for the past 35 years. We all agreed with Abah. Right now Abah just go with his passion which is PHOTOGRAPHY. http://azizancm.fotopages.com .He really passionate about that. I really adore Abah for his effort to put up with his passion.

Abah told me, he loved photography since young, but a lot of commitment (raise us of course LOL ) only now he can grab his dream. With his age he do well !What ever you do abah we all will always be your back bone.. forever..Love you Abah!


Mrs Magique

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