Lazy Day

11:43 PM

I'm had 4 days off day from 21st March until 24th > do nothing at home > lazy bone

Oh ya... Last Friday I cook roasted rosemary lemon grilled chicken, mixed salad and mashed potato for dinner. Erks... kind of unusually for me because I selalu masak kampung jek. Hubby like it. Thanks to my dear friend Zach... teringatkan diala masak ayam tu...

The next day, Hawaiian pizza for dinner. Also my first time cooked it.Dear said "banyak sgt ayam dia ler sayang" it was my first time, so next time i will reduce it. excited sgt kot. Never baked my own pizza, so when I went to Carefour to looked for mozzarella cheese, mak aii mahalnya, one pack around RM16.

Today I want to baked muffin.But lupa plak nak beli mangkuk dia tu.Memula pist off juga. Nak berangin , tapi silap diri sendiri kan.Herm.. .tomorrow sure I'll bake chocolate muffin. Hubby so excited. Before this bukan tak nak baked or cooked differently... Niat tu ada tapi my house don't have oven and before this I'm so busy and no time to cooked like that for hubby. Sorry dear. Now I change my job for you.. so we can spent more time together. Cakap pasal oven.. I'll get one soon! Skang nih tumpang oven umah sebelah ( my mom ) hehehehh

I don't know kenapa tetiba I want to cook something different. Tapi malas nak kemas umah memang dah terbukti. Baju dalam bakul tu tak tahu ler bila nak berlipat. Tengok jek dari pagi sampai skang . I'm so lazy....


Mrs Magique

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