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8:58 PM

It has been 4 days I answered call. Alhamdulillah... I can understand little bit UK accent and the system. Maybe more practice and call I can adapt with my new working ambiance.

As Malaysian we might think all the UK people is wealthy. Well there is where we should not do assumption. They just like us, in fact they live with debts since their born. Well enough about my works...

My beloved sis getting married. Poor her, my grandma don't even like the guy because he's Korean. Well... even she was my grandma most favourite granddaughter, my sis still have dad! For daddy even he don't like it, he have to accept rather than loose a daughter. Somehow my sister not doing something bad, she asked permission. For me... she going to continue study abroad, she's 27 and somebody taking care of her there and one thing for sure she happy and we not losing her. That sound good enough for me.

Today masak Ikan bawal sweetsour.Nampak macam sedap... Lunch Bie balik makan...

Bie : Sedapnya...
Me : Okie jom makan!!! Lapar ni...
Bie dengan muka pelik : What ? This week kan tak leh makan nasi... makan ikan jek!!
Me : La... ikan jek? Isk takmo makan ler
Bie dengan senyuman : Bagusla.. tengok jek gi makan fuit...

Isk sebab nih takmo masak sebab tak leh makan.Kang kalau masak benda yang Bie tak suka dia tak makan pula (hubby very traditional, he have to eat rice!!!). So I end up with fruit salad today for lunch.


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