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Keputusan yang keluar amat memeranjatkan for me... Well, my dad said I'm not supposed to talk about this because I'm not went for voting. Erks... It's my bet huh!! but I've my own reason even though its the vague one. I thought what ever I vote people still want the traditional one, don't want to change. Well... I damn wrong.

Semua org dah nak perubahan.. bagi peluang yang baru untuk mencuba bangunkan something new... I don't want high building, hi-tech bridge ... , tapi yang lagi penting kebajikan kita. Like what my buddy write.. if its true that paternity will get 14 days compassionate leave, that's GREAT!!! Mommy dalam pantang , of course daddy kena tolong, learn how to bath baby . Am I right? If only 3 days.. herm... I don't think so its enough time for everything.

Study... if its free that's awesome. Maybe goverment have to look for the parents income and expenditure so they can evaluate either this kids can effort or not to pay for the fees. For those who can effort, there is no harm to pay. But this is for those whose really poor but brilliant. We have a lots of kids out there who are brilliant, but with the study and book cost even in primary school make them can't effort to continue study. I'm so sorry for them. I hope with the new line this matter will approve and change.

Oh ya one last thing that I really need the change.. for those who work at shop or customer service industry.. please let them off at least 1 1/2 day or make it 3 days off for two weeks. Please change the labour law. They do need to spend time with their loves previous blog already explain why.


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