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9:44 PM

19 April 2011 10.15pm

I'm in the plane right now. Just drafting for my blog so I wont forget what to write when I'm home ( kalau tak ada journal bertulis saya ni, sesungguhnya memang saya tak ingat nak tulis apa )

First time ever fly with Firefly. Rating? Jangan tanya. Not even know how am I supposed to rate it. Review? Yup yang itu boleh...

I think seats better than Air Asia yang selalu saya naik tu. True! More comfortable for me and Mr.H. The plane might be small but the seats was OK! Apa yang saya suka pasal Firefly? Ada free refreshment! ( tak payah tengok flight attendant tolak trolly selling food yer!) . You can choose between nuts or curry puff  and guava or apple juice. What do I choosed? I dapat nuts, curry puff and apple juice! Alhamdulillah...

Ada orang kata naik kapal terbang kipas scary, for me ok jer. Maybe cuaca malam ni ok kot.  Journey KL-KB qwith Firefly take approx 1hr 10 min. Lama? Herm... sebab kipas kot?! Better off now. Later peeps.

P/S Flight ticket fare KL- KB saya dapat dengan harga RM45 including tax. Beli bulan March 2011. Not bad huh?!

with my BIL

Ni my Lil Bro.

with Mr.H

Bagi peluang bebudak jantan 2 orang ni tangkap gambar dengan Flight Attendant.

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