My 55 reasons to loose wieight

4:03 PM

I have made thousands of excuses to not exercise or eat healthy for the last 10 years
This year I made up my mind - no more excuses, they just don’t stand up to all the reasons I should lose weight. My goal is to get myself to 55 kilos.

My 55 reasons to get fit and healthy:
1.        To stop having to spend money on medication / doctors
2.        To turn a few heads
3.        To feel confident in a bathing suit (ades nak tergelak tapi letakkan ajer kan…)
4.        To wear single digit sized clothing
5.        To be around for my future babies
6.        To have energy and not be tired all the time
7.        To have nice firm toned legs
8.        To walk up stairs without losing my breath
9.        To not be so intolerant of humid days due to my weight (molting)
10.     To go out dancing again and feel sexy doing it (formyself yerks!)
11.     To have someone say “OMG  your are skinny now”
12.     To stop having my mother tell me I eat too much
13.     To feel confident
14.     To regain my self confidence
15.     To get rid of my saggy baggy belly
16.     To get rid of my bubble butt with built in arm rest aka shelf
17.     To go to a beach and not feel like a beached whale
18.     To reach a healthy BMI
19.     To stop having pain in my ankles
20.     To wear skinny jeans by choice not because nothing fits right
21.     To no longer step foot in the plus size section of a clothing store
22.     To look good in photos
23.     To be flexible and fit
24.     To stop overheating even in winter when you’re not even close to menapause
25.     To not worry about going thru turnstiles at the amusement parks
26.     To not be embarrassed not fitting into an amusement ride and being asked to get off.
27.     To enjoy working out daily because its comfortable not a drudgery to accomplish.
28.     To not have people 20 yrs older be more active than you
29.     To not have the thighs on your pants wear out too soon
30.     To not have two bellies
31.     To not be judged as lazy because of being fat
32.     To get rid of back fat OMG this is so gross
33.     To have my borderline high blood pressure be very good for a change
34.     To not be embarrassed running into an old friend from highschool who hasn’t seen you since then ‘cox they didn’t recognize you ‘cox you are now so fat
35.     To not have someone shout out  “hey fatty “ as you walk by
36.     To as feel beautiful outside as you know you are inside
37.     To have collar bones again
38.     To not avoid doing things that would be embarrassing because of my size
39.     To have cheek bones
40.     To have a flat belly with a six pack (ada hati kan 6 pack you alls… adess angan2 ku ini…)
41.     To not have a plastic yard chair stick to your hips as you try to get out of it
42.     To let the real me out from inside the body I used to hide behind for years.
43.     To ride on the back of a motorcycle and not have your butt be wider than the seat
44.     To be able to fit on an inner tube at water parks and not flip out or be stuck in it
45.     To run again and play like when we were kids
46.     To not be jealous of pretty fit women
47.     To not have a stroke
48.     To not have a heart attack
49.     To not burden others with my health problems
50.     To get rid of my depression
51.     To regain a high quality of life
52.     To have a more positive outlook on life
53.     To set goal and go after my dreams as I lose weight, one success will lead to another
54.     To feel proud of myself for finally doing this all the way to my goal
55.     Last but not least , to make Mr.H jaw drop . (hehehehe)

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