What I've learned...

1:58 PM

          It has been two weeks since I started my carb counting for dieting. Alhamdulillah I’m losing 1kg within these two weeks.  I've been fighting the weight battle for years. I've been overweight since I finished my secondary school.
            What I've learned after years and years of weight battle? First of all, this is what doesn't work:
            1) Limiting anything from my food intake.
            2) Pills
            3) Half hearted commitment.

What works?
            1) Using portion control, carb counting, and calorie counting.
            2) Working out.
            3) Sleeping well.
            4) Drinking lots of water.

            I love challenges, and they help, but I won't change what works for me. Determination works for me. What gives me this? My health, my family, Mr.Boipren and my future children.
P/S: Now I’m thinking of changing my phone so that I can update my blog anywhere I want. Aduss alasan sangat kan?!! LOL

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