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This is about my goddaughter story - Aresha. She loves drawing. Kat mommy dia punya blog pun ada post about her art. Yesterday went to meet the family. Auntie Marlia  nak collect barang la.. So there's one part dearie Aresha sibuk dengan drawing. Banyak betul yang dia lukis, tapi semua pompuan la with different type of dress. Auntie Marlia dah mula fikir, maybe she can replace Versace or Sharifah Kirana in the future. So, I request she draw me!  

Me : Aresha, lukis gambar auntie
Aresha: Boleh, tapi susahla nak lukis rambut kusut auntie tu?

Ouch... She was talking about my baby hair ok! Rambut kusut... 5 years old girl tell straight to my face dengan jujurnya about my baby hair yang kusut tu. Oh dear... Auntie admit it! I've a lot of baby hair  and it's curl! Depan je ok , belakang tak securl depan. Sebab itula, last year auntie merebondingkan my hair. 

Touch up?!!  Bukan takmo, cuma I miss my natural curl kat rambut belakang tu. Cantik sangat **perasannya...**. My only problem is my kusut hair yang kat depan tu jek.

Oh ya... back to my pix?!! Seriously she draw ME!! I love it. **i should take the masterpiece semalam la** . Let me describe, hair - shoulder lenght, wearing spec, my gren shirt, black 3/4 pants and  also with my blue watch . It's so detailed. Brilliant girl!!!

Kalau mommy Aresha baca post ni, suruh dia simpan the masterpiece. Auntie nak framekan la. Tak pernah lagi org lukis gambar auntie. My darling Aresha, nanti auntie do something with my kusut hair ni ok sayang... Nanti my next pix senang sikit Aresha nak draw. Love you girl.

P/s: nanti masin mulut Auntie ni, you become a designer, design baju untuk auntie dulu, something yang cantik untuk org badan besar cam auntie ni. Orang skang ni design semua untuk org kurus jek, org besar punya baju semua macam guni. Eh ... tu dah lain post tu... LOL

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