Saturday Sunday!

7:57 PM

No mood to write anything, Penat kerja 13jam 5 days a week with out OT still tak hilang.

Yesterday went out with hubby to celebrate his belated birthday which nanti cerita la... Today went out with my parents company them to Curve...

Patut nya this weekend kuar dengan Zach for something special & spent time with Gee. Alhamdulillah me surronded by understanding & loveable buddy! Next time k guys!!! I do need to pamper myself & have a girls day ASAP! LOL

So to my bosses if you ever read my blog (mana tau google2 tergoogle blog aku kan!) Do you understand now why I do need these 2 day off? It's not for me, tottally not! It's for the one I love!!! So please understand!

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